Dave Pasquesi Is Seriously Just Making It Up.
March 12, 2012


Dave with TJ and the cast and crew of Lady Parts


David Pasquesi is an interesting guy to meet in person. His stature in the improv community scene stands just about as tall as he does in real life. When I first met him almost two years ago I had humbly asked him and his comedy partner T.J. Jagodowski, from the premier long form improvisation show TJ and Dave at iO, to be a part of Lady Parts first series with the wholly improvised skits Work Daze. I knew he had worked with many luminaries not only in the comedy world but in the show biz world at large and so I was a bit nervous. But both of them proved to be laid back down to earth guys just enjoying the fact that they made us all so giddy. And of course there is a reason they are so revered. Their show is still running every Wednesday night at iO in Chicago to sold out crowds, they tour the country in what is probably the only touring long form improv show and they perform in New York on a regular basis.


I had a chance to catch up with Dave out in L.A. almost two years after our first meeting and he is still very tall.


Lady Parts Live at ComedySportz
February 16, 2012

Lady Parts is live at ComedySportz Friday nights at midnight! We’ve got new material and a new cast! Get you’re tickets here or keep an eye out for discounted tickets via Goldstar and Hot Tix.

See you Friday!

Welcome To Lady Parts Comedy
September 28, 2010

This is it! We’ve got a new website, a new web series and a new outlook on life (hopefully not so bleak). Stay tuned to this space for updates on the goings on of Lady Parts. We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff lined up in the next couple of weeks in addition to the premiere of Series One. So keep checking back for those updates or follow us on facebook and/or twitter for the same stuff.